Our Games

Games For All The Family


Games are for evasion, to forget the real life for a moment. We will make you dream & travel in those new worlds.


Everybody in the family can play, like cards or board games, nobody should be excluded from this activity.


We think that a game experience includes a lot of things, it goes way further than visual or gameplay. There are also emotions.

Get smth back

Playing is an activity but we think you should get something from it. Let's try to break the borders of the screen together!

Made with the community


Every games is made with the help of our awesome community, mainly through our Discord! Players and supporters from the first hour!


Translations are made by the community or ourself, if you want to participate even a little, it's possible. Send us a message!



Even after the release, we listen to the players feedback and try to improve our games as much as possible! We learn from every projects!

Social Networks

We do our best to communicate on social networks as much as possible and answer every single one feedback!

  • Jaunitta on Steam

    "Very enjoyable and relaxing."

  • bluesycat on Big Fish Games

    "I've tried a lot of jigsaw games over the years. All of them have been basically annoying. This game is the BEST jigsaw simulation I have played."

  • agacinco on Steam

    "Very good take on a Jigsaw puzzle, there is a setting and a story that goes along each stage, The art and the music are amazing and it runs smoothly on Ubuntu."

  • csh_picone on Twitter

    "Young fella (7) came home from school this afternoon and found me playing Jigsaw Adventures - Source of Power. Did some yardwork and came back to find he's finished the whole first chapter. Started at 28 pieces and bumped himself up to 112 pieces."