About CCS

  • 1.Solo indie game developer
  • 2.Created in 2020
  • 3.Made in France
  • 4.Cold coffee drinker
  • 5.Jigsaw puzzle eater
  • 6.Hard work = success
  • 7.Working with very talented freelancers
  • 7.Helped by an awesome community


When I work on a video game I have the impression that the time is slowing down but then I grab my cup of coffee and I realize that time has run as usual.


All our games are made with the help of the community. From start to end and even after, feedback leads the roadmap


Very talented artists, composers and writers work with us to create the lovely alchemy you will find in our games.


Casual game doesn't mean "boring", making an original gameplay or concept is one of our main goal we want to achieve.

The Artists

Concept Artist / Illustrator from Romania.

Bogdan Antoci

MJA: Roads of Life

Concept Artist / Illustrator from USA.

Jeremy Adams

MJA: A Lost Story

Concept Artist / Illustrator from Australia

Valentyn Porada

MJA: The Source of Power

Philipp Urlich

MJA: Forgotten Destiny

The Writers

Game Designer from USA

Nova Elric

MJA: Roads of Life

Writer from Italy

Marco Nathaniel Nappo


Edeline Wrigh

MJA: Forgotten Destiny

The Composers

Composer from Chile

Santiago Stok

MJA: Roads of Life

Composer, VA from Japan

Alec Shea

MJA: A Lost Story

Composer from Canada

Brett Janzen